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How To Sell Your Camera Gear Online

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If you read my last blog post highlighting the Best Travel Cameras for 2017, you may know that I recently decided to make the switch from Canon to Sony. While I’ve always been a Canon girl, my large DSLR and lenses weren’t the easiest photo gear to travel with. Therefore, I wanted something smaller, lighter and more convenient without sacrificing image quality. That’s when, after months of research, I discovered the Sony a7RII. I was excited to finally have made a decision, but anxious about switching between camera brands. Specifically, I was wondering “What am I going to do with all of my Canon gear?” and “How can I afford all new Sony lenses?” That’s when I discovered READ MORE

The Best Cameras For Travel Bloggers And Travelers

What kinds of cameras do professional travel bloggers use? What’s the best travel camera? Why choose this camera over that camera?

If you’re a travel blogger (or even just a traveler who enjoys visually documenting and sharing experiences), choosing the right camera and gear is extremely important. However, the plethora of different camera brands and types available, coupled with the savviness + industry insight required to identify important pros and cons for each make/model (not to mention the monetary investment required) can turn the task of choosing a new camera into a very daunting decision. READ MORE