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The Best Bars in Kona, Hawaii

You can’t beat the pure bliss one experiences whilst sipping a rum cocktail amid ocean views. Fortunately, there are numerous bars and restaurants on Hawaii’s Big Island that serve up sunset views and umbrella-clad concoctions. From waterfront watering holes to laid-back lounges, these are the best bars in Kona, Hawaii. READ MORE

The Best Bars in Downtown Boise

There’s more to Boise, Idaho than meets the eye. Beneath the city’s “famous potato” stigma and blue turf fame lies a thriving downtown scene boasting a variety of (constantly improving) bars and restaurants. Whether you’re a native Boisean or just passing through on your way to better-known places, don’t discard the downtown bar scene. READ MORE

Portland Picks: The Rookery at Raven and Rose

Many visitors to Raven & Rose assume the bar that’s immediately apparent upon entering is the establishment’s main watering hole. However, if you follow the hallway to the right of the main dining area, you will find a staircase hidden behind a wall in the corner of the restaurant. Upstairs is arguably one of the best bars in Portland: The Rookery. There are numerous reasons why I love this bar, but the number one reason I bring all of my out-of-town guests here is the cocktails. The Rookery takes craft cocktails to a whole new level, and the mixologist behind them is arguably the best in Portland. The custom cocktail menu changes seasonally and everything is good. The bar atmosphere (and the history behind the it) is equally as impressive. The space features a fireplace, leather couches, a billiards table and a custom-made bar. READ MORE