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How To Swim With Dolphins On The Big Island of Hawaii

Life offers few experiences in which your 50th time is equally as exhilarating as your first. While most captivating experiences tend to lose their allure after several successions, there are some beautiful things in life that, really, never get old. You know, those life events that never cease to amaze you, no matter how many times they occur (like getting married – I would assume, or taking that first bite of pizza). For me, swimming with wild dolphins is among the aforementioned elite group of memorable encounters. READ MORE

7 Days in Hawaii: What To Do On The Big Island

On January 13th I turned 28. To celebrate – or, rather, ease the sting of inching another year closer to 30 – I left behind Portland snow for tropical sand, and got on a flight to Kona, Hawaii. Though we booked this Hawaii trip in December (not even a full month prior) the wait was brutal. Portland was experiencing the coldest winter it had seen in decades, and we left the city buried in a foot of snow (the Uber ride to the airport was fuuunnnn). READ MORE