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Downtown Portland

Portland Picks: The Hairy Lobster

It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon’s food scene is among the best in the nation.  Exceptional food prepared using fresh, locally sourced and organic ingredients has become the standard.  In Portland, a great restaurant experience isn’t just appreciated – it’s expected. The expectation of excellence – along with the abundance of restaurants serving “over-the-top”, delicious meals – sets a high bar for new restaurants opening in the area.  Despite the competition, one new downtown restaurant is making a name for itself among the city’s finest.  If you’re in Portland, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the locals’ new favorite restaurant— THE HAIRY LOBSTER.


The Best Bars in Downtown Portland

The drink options in downtown Portland are as diverse and unique as the city itself. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost happy hour or carefully crafted cocktail, you can find it here –- if you know where to look. I’m lucky enough to have downtown Portlandia as my backyard, and I’ve spent the last few years exploring (almost) every bar, lounge and tavern in the neighborhood (no, I’m not an alcoholic). Below are my top suggestions for where to drink in downtown Portland: