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The Best Bars in Kona, Hawaii

You can’t beat the pure bliss one experiences whilst sipping a rum cocktail amid ocean views. Fortunately, there are numerous bars and restaurants on Hawaii’s Big Island that serve up sunset views and umbrella-clad concoctions. From waterfront watering holes to laid-back lounges, these are the best bars in Kona, Hawaii. READ MORE

7 Days in Hawaii: What To Do On The Big Island

On January 13th I turned 28. To celebrate – or, rather, ease the sting of inching another year closer to 30 – I left behind Portland snow for tropical sand, and got on a flight to Kona, Hawaii. Though we booked this Hawaii trip in December (not even a full month prior) the wait was brutal. Portland was experiencing the coldest winter it had seen in decades, and we left the city buried in a foot of snow (the Uber ride to the airport was fuuunnnn). READ MORE