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Moving to Portland? Consider These Three Neighborhoods

Portland, OR, the city renowned for hipsters, pet lovers and all things quirky, is one of the hottest cities for young transplants. In fact, Portland has consistently led the nation in rental increase, with home vacancy rates as low as 3 percent. The increase in demand for housing along with strict urban growth limitations has made affordability and finding the right neighborhood more difficult than ever in Portland.


A Prime Road Trip Between Portland and Seattle

It’s a beautiful thing when a long drive becomes a road trip. Some would argue that, by default, a long drive is what defines a road trip. I, however, believe that a road trip is more about the experience of the drive, rather than the destination, itself. It has a wandering, circuitous connotation to it, while a simple stand a lone trip by car does not. A road trip implies a trip between two destinations with some (generally unplanned) stops along the way, whereas a trip between point A and point B with a specific timeline in mind is more a trip by car than a “road trip.”


7 Things You Need To Know Before Moving to Portland, Oregon

It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon is trending among transplants. For the last three years Oregon has been deemed the most popular moving destination in the country, and the city of Portland has experienced the largest gains. Drawn like a moth to the flame of craft beer and creative culture, newcomers are flooding Portland like rain in the winter. If you’re among these hipster hopefuls, consider these 7 truths before packing for P-town: READ MORE

The Best Waterfall Hikes Near Portland, Oregon

With some of the best waterfall hikes in the Pacific Northwest less than an hour from town, Portland residents and visitors don’t have to travel far to get close to nature. High levels of rainfall combined with the region’s majestic mountains and radiant rivers foster an area full of awe-inspiring waterfalls for your viewing pleasure. 


Portland Picks: The Hairy Lobster

It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon’s food scene is among the best in the nation.  Exceptional food prepared using fresh, locally sourced and organic ingredients has become the standard.  In Portland, a great restaurant experience isn’t just appreciated – it’s expected. The expectation of excellence – along with the abundance of restaurants serving “over-the-top”, delicious meals – sets a high bar for new restaurants opening in the area.  Despite the competition, one new downtown restaurant is making a name for itself among the city’s finest.  If you’re in Portland, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the locals’ new favorite restaurant— THE HAIRY LOBSTER.


Oregon’s Best Vacation Rentals And Retreats

Considering the quirkiness and diversity of Oregon’s residents, it’s no surprise that Oregon is also home to some beautiful and unique AirBnbs and vacation rentals. If you’re planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest, save yourself the research and check out these awe-inspiring retreats for a getaway you won’t soon forget. 


The Best Bars in Downtown Portland

The drink options in downtown Portland are as diverse and unique as the city itself. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost happy hour or carefully crafted cocktail, you can find it here –- if you know where to look. I’m lucky enough to have downtown Portlandia as my backyard, and I’ve spent the last few years exploring (almost) every bar, lounge and tavern in the neighborhood (no, I’m not an alcoholic). Below are my top suggestions for where to drink in downtown Portland:


Portland Picks: The Rookery at Raven and Rose

Many visitors to Raven & Rose assume the bar that’s immediately apparent upon entering is the establishment’s main watering hole. However, if you follow the hallway to the right of the main dining area, you will find a staircase hidden behind a wall in the corner of the restaurant. Upstairs is arguably one of the best bars in Portland: The Rookery. There are numerous reasons why I love this bar, but the number one reason I bring all of my out-of-town guests here is the cocktails. The Rookery takes craft cocktails to a whole new level, and the mixologist behind them is arguably the best in Portland. The custom cocktail menu changes seasonally and everything is good. The bar atmosphere (and the history behind the it) is equally as impressive. The space features a fireplace, leather couches, a billiards table and a custom-made bar. READ MORE