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The Ultimate Nashville Travel Guide: 26 Things To Do in Nashville (By Neighborhood)

In his song Crazy Town, Jason Aldean describes Nashville as “Hollywood with a touch of twang” — an accurate depiction of the town dubbed “Music City” and collectively regarded as the Country Music capital of the world (mostly by those who have never been). However, I’m going to get the cliché out of the way by saying there’s more to Nashville than just country music (a trope thousands of bloggers have no doubt typed before this groundbreaking realization). READ MORE

7 Days in Hawaii: What To Do On The Big Island

On January 13th I turned 28. To celebrate – or, rather, ease the sting of inching another year closer to 30 – I left behind Portland snow for tropical sand, and got on a flight to Kona, Hawaii. Though we booked this Hawaii trip in December (not even a full month prior) the wait was brutal. Portland was experiencing the coldest winter it had seen in decades, and we left the city buried in a foot of snow (the Uber ride to the airport was fuuunnnn). READ MORE

Things To Do in Boise: A Boise, Idaho Travel Guide

Boise may not be a typical vacation destination, and most may not know much about the city except that it’s the capital of Idaho, or that the football field has blue turf. However, there’s a lot more to Boise than you may realize. unbeknownst to visitors, Boise boasts a growing brewery scene, as well as a nearby wine country and growing urban wine trail. While the city is still small by comparison, Boise is quickly growing and developing a unique culture while maintaining its small town roots. If, by chance, you find yourself visiting the “City of Trees”, below are some of the best places to eat and drink in my hometown, Boise: