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The Best Places In The World To Whale Watch

Getting a glimpse of the world’s largest mammals breach the ocean’s surface is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. Fortunately, spotting these sublime sea creatures is merely a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Therefore, planning is of the utmost importance when it comes to a successful whale watching trip. While you can join whale watching tours in over 119 countries, below are 7 of the top places in the world to go whale watching. READ MORE

Oregon’s Best Vacation Rentals And Retreats

Considering the quirkiness and diversity of Oregon’s residents, it’s no surprise that Oregon is also home to some beautiful and unique AirBnbs and vacation rentals. If you’re planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest, save yourself the research and check out these awe-inspiring retreats for a getaway you won’t soon forget. 


Things To Do in Boise: A Boise, Idaho Travel Guide

Boise may not be a typical vacation destination, and most may not know much about the city except that it’s the capital of Idaho, or that the football field has blue turf. However, there’s a lot more to Boise than you may realize. unbeknownst to visitors, Boise boasts a growing brewery scene, as well as a nearby wine country and growing urban wine trail. While the city is still small by comparison, Boise is quickly growing and developing a unique culture while maintaining its small town roots. If, by chance, you find yourself visiting the “City of Trees”, below are some of the best places to eat and drink in my hometown, Boise:


21 Female Travel Bloggers Share Their Best Travel Tips

Everyone knows traveling comes with its own set of trials and tribulations. The juxtaposition between storybook moments and major meltdowns is unfortunately just the cost of admission. And while it’s the beautiful blend of highs and lows that make the journey memorable, I believe we could all live with fewer pitfalls of passage.

Whether you’re embarking on a weekend trip or a world tour, a little advice from someone who’s “been there, done that” can go a very long way. Oftentimes it’s the information you didn’t know you needed which can prove to be the most valuable. Below, 21 female travel bloggers (and travelers) from around the globe share their best travel tips to help make your next journey smoother and even more enjoyable: READ MORE

The Best Bars in Downtown Portland

The drink options in downtown Portland are as diverse and unique as the city itself. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost happy hour or carefully crafted cocktail, you can find it here –- if you know where to look. I’m lucky enough to have downtown Portlandia as my backyard, and I’ve spent the last few years exploring (almost) every bar, lounge and tavern in the neighborhood (no, I’m not an alcoholic). Below are my top suggestions for where to drink in downtown Portland:


The BEST Gift For Travelers

The holiday season is upon us, and every year around this time stores break out the Christmas decor, brands launch their winter campaigns, and bloggers publish their quintessential “Holiday Gift Guide” posts. It’s not even Thanksgiving, and I’ve already read several “Gift Guide for Travelers” blog posts. While these guides can be helpful, I’ve found the majority of avid travelers prefer experiences to things. READ MORE

The Best Hikes in Santa Barbara

Situated between the mountains and the ocean, Santa Barbara is a natural playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Beautiful hikes boasting stunning views are readily available for anyone looking to get in touch with their adventurous side. On a recent trip to Santa Barbara, I followed local photographer Blake Bronstad to a hidden hiking trail leading to the most breathtaking view of Santa Barbara I’ve ever seen. After sharing a photo on Instagram, several people asked me where the image was taken. The place is hidden and the trail unmarked, so identifying the name of the rock area required quite a bit of research. However, while this hike is currently one of Santa Barbara’s best kept secrets, it’s too beautiful not to share. READ MORE